About the Project

Tim – Hampton Wick

Tim and his family love entertaining but found their dining room was a little too small for their needs, especially when they had guests over. They love their home and the area of Hampton Wick where they live, so did not fancy moving at all.

Instead, they thought they could extend and refurbish the rear ground floor of their property to create an interconnected and multi-functional kitchen/diner/lounge area. Large sliding glazed doors would be installed opening out to the rear garden, patio and hot tub. As a lighting designer, Tim wanted to put in some feature lighting here and there to show the house off a bit. The garden was also landscaped as part of the process, with new patio areas, planting beds and a very practical artificial lawn installed too.

Tim and his family are super pleased with the end result. Not only has their home been given a facelift, but the usability of the space for everyday living and for entertaining purposes has been improved vastly.