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Do you need an architect, building designs or ideas for a building project?

At Loft Extensions we can introduce you to our network of independent architects and structural engineers. This can help you with obtaining the relevant drawings required to take a project from your ideas to its completion.

Planning Application

One of the most important parts of architectural design services is submitting and getting granted planning permission for your project. The architects we work with have very good knowledge of London council planning restrictions. This helps to ensure the application is granted first time with no hassle, whilst maximising the potential of your property.

This is an 8 week process regardless of whether you go through full planning and/or permitted development. During the process an architect will deal with all queries and requests from the council regarding your application.

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Planning Drawings

Planning Drawings are a set of simplified drawings that allow the local planning department to establish the scope of the works, whilst only paying particular attention to the newly proposed materials, aspects and features of the building.

They bear no reference to the construction methods used and contain no detail as to how the building is to be constructed (wall build-ups, floor constructions, roof thicknesses, insulation depths) etc.

Click here to view an example (PDF).

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Building Reg Drawings

Building Regulation Drawings are a set of detailed drawings and construction details that are submitted to the local building control department, which go into much more detail than the planning application drawings.

They incorporate structural information from the engineer, thermal insulation calculations and proof of full compliance with all relevant parts of the Building Regulations. They also include enough information for a contractor to accurately price.

Click here to view an example (PDF).

Structural Drawings & Calculations

Structural engineers use architectural 2D plans to calculate and produce structural drawings. This information is for items such as steel beams, foundations, structural slabs and any structural walls.

These can be considered as the most important set of architectural drawings, as they determine how your property will be supported and remain safe for years to come.

Click here to view an example (PDF)

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